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2020 Number One Dog Contest Winner


Geauga County Auditor Walder has announced the winner of the Number One Dog in Geauga County contest held annually by the Auditors Office.  Judging took place on Nov. 7, 2019. This year’s winner, Lena Wright, is a fourth grader in Westwood Elementary School, Caves Road, in Novelty.  She was presented the number one dog tag for her puppy, Jennie. Her essay follows:

“My adorable puppy, Jennie is the #1 best dog in Geauga County. One reason is that every day my sister Rebecca and I always get a very nice goodbye and hello when we go to and from school. Jennie will run up the driveway next to us inside the fence. Then when we get home, she will be waiting and wagging her tail when we arrive, and she will lick us for what seem like forever!

“We got Jennie at Rescue Village; she is a hound-mix but has a little bit of beagle in her. My family and I were looking for a puppy when a notice went out that Rescue Village had gotten a new shipment of puppies. We drove to Rescue Village and saw her and her brother. We decided on her because she was a little smaller than her brother and I have a four-year old brother named Paul who is not too big into dogs. It felt good to give a dog who needed one a home.

“Getting Jennie also inspired me to raise money to give Rescue Village by selling my gourds. I was selling my gourds because I grew too many of them, and I was picking an organization to give the money to. I thought of Rescue Village and couldn’t think of anything better. I raised $73.45 including donations. Those are only a few of the many reasons Jennie, my 5-month-old puppy, is the best dog in Geauga County.” 


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