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Christian Greetings from North Bloomfield


By Marylou Miller

Jan. 24, 2020: Guess I’ll try writing for the Plain Country. 

I lived in Orwell until I was 11when we moved to 9617 Creaser Road. We still had an Orwell address, but we were in North Bloomfield Township. At 25, I married and moved to West Farmington and lived there 21 years before moving back home. We rented at 9891 Creaser Road, Orwell and then at 9570 Creaser Road, North Bloomfield. On Sept. 9, 2019, I moved to 9500 Creaser Road and I hope that’s all the moving for a very, very, very long time! (Smile!)

I have six children, but only three live with me: Alvin (25). Daniel (18) and Ruthy (15). The other three are Becca (21) who lives in the Clymer, New York Amish settlement, Ada (19) who lives in Bristolville, and Katie (20) who lives in Mansfield. Katie is the mother of my precious grandbabies that I don’t see enough of – Matthew is 2 and will be 3 in May and Amber had her first birthday Jan. 11.

I was born a Mast and used to say I’m a full-blooded Mast as my mom was a Mast before getting married. But, with my grandmothers, I guess I’m also part Miller and Mullet. But I’m mostly Mast!

Then, at 25, I married and became a common Miller. I love my husband, but around these parts, Millers are a dime a dozen …very plentiful.

I started the year 2020 as an orphan. My parents, Albert J. and Barbara Mast, both died Dec. 31, 2019. Mom had lung cancer and Dad’s body was worn out after 10 years of being paralyzed from transverse myelitis. We miss them both but are so thankful God granted Dad his wish of dying the same day as Mom. We are also grateful they could both go peacefully.

Well, I believe I’ve written way too much. So, will close for this time wishing everyone God’s blessings.


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