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Greetings from Mio

By Sylvia M. Miller

January 27, 2020: Greetings from Mio. Michigan where cold winds blow, winter sets in early and stays rather long. But we’ve adapted and have called it home since 1978. It has rich history for my family as my mother was born here in 1899 and moved with her family to Geauga County as a young child, plus, my great grandfather is buried nearby in a small cemetery with others of the first settlement here.

My sister, Sara Miller (now widowed) is one of the regular writers in Plain Country and she it was who mentioned they’d like to have a few writers from other areas and I was interested to give it a try. My eldest niece, Ellen Hershberger, is a scribe for Plain Country also. Her mother, Sadie, was my oldest sister who was 28 years older than I! She was the oldest of 16; I’m the youngest (though not young by any stretch of mind these days, except in heart and soul.) Since I had so many older siblings, I also have eight older nieces and nephews. I grew up with them basically. 

We were farmers. Later, I had an in-home bakery for 15 years. We owned a sawmill and then sold it all and bought land nearby. We put up new buildings in 1993 and in ’94, became store owners for the next 17 years. During the late 90s to early 20s, (is that the correct term for the 2000s?), I raised and sold perennials and still do on a small scale comparatively. I LOVE flowers and have many beds; it’s my therapy as any lover of gardens can tell you.

Hubby Albert is semi-retired but still does small engine repairs for non-Amish people as well as Amish. His hobbies are fishing and deer hunting.

My hobbles, besides flowers, are quilts and painting. Am working in two ordered quilts at the moment, plus I have three painting orders. (Acrylic is my usual medium, although I do some watercolor now and then.)

Anyway, I hope I’m not boring you. I thought from now on I’d call this column, “Mio Musings”.


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