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Side Effects of Cabin Fever


By Ellie Behman

It’s funny how winter has an entirely different look than it did when I was a kid. When we were young and full of energy the blizzards didn’t bother us at all. Nothing could stop us from making snowmen, sliding down hills on our sleds, not to mention the ultimate thrill of finding out school would be closed due to bad weather. We stayed outdoors as long as we were allowed and looked forward to the next day. No cabin fever in those days.  

Now, moving fast forward, my outlook has changed quite a bit. I love seeing the beautiful trees adorned by sparkling flakes that glisten in the sun. Actually, if I’m being truthful, that’s my favorite part of a snowy day, but I have no thoughts of building a snowman or sliding down any hill. I’m just happy to be warm and comfortable and keeping my bones from snapping if I would accidentally fall off the sled. A couple years ago I joined my grandchildren in a park where they coaxed me into sledding down an icy hill. I survived and remained unharmed but, let’s face it, that was then, this is now.

I have to admit; however, there are side effects of being in the house too much, as some people begin to feel like hostages in their own home. Here’s a few examples I came up with.

First of all, being in the house for days at a time can really mess up your eating habits. As for me and my hubby, all we do is look for something to eat every couple of hours. This is not good. The refrigerator has become our best friend.  

Another sign of getting cabin fever is when we’re in the house, each sitting two feet from one another in our easy chairs, happily munching chips and watching television, we realize that being together 24/7 isn’t filled with many interesting topics to talk about. If one of us begins to say something, the other can’t hear what is said (I won’t say who) and it has to be repeated over and over. By the time we figure it out, who cares what the topic is. Remember I mentioned we sit two feet from one another?  We just have to get out more. Now I understand why hubby enjoys shopping and talking to people in the checkout line as well as talking to the robocallers for entertainment.  I don’t blame him. Anything I have to say has probably been said many times over.  

Yes, there are many side effects from cabin fever, but on a positive note we look forward to grocery shopping to make sure we have enough food and snacks to take us through the long winter. Now I understand how the groundhog feels when he pops his head out of the ground.


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