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Snowflake Stories and Crafts


By Margaret Chatfield

Library patrons of all ages were in for a real treat on Jan. 18 when we celebrated all things snowflakes! First, we read “The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter Weather” by Mark Cassino. We learned that a snowflake begins when a freezing water droplet sticks to pollen or a dust particle in the sky. This forms an ice crystal.  As it falls to the ground water vapor freezes on to the single crystal, slowly building new crystals, thus the snowflake with six arms. The children were fascinated to learn that each snowflake begins with a speck of dust of pollen, and each is unique.

The group that gathered were a creative bunch and they were challenged to make seven different types of snowflakes. For the younger set there was the snowflake matching puzzle.  Dexterity and patience were needed to develop the designs. We had coloring sheets of beautiful snowflakes that children could brightly color and pretzels and marshmallows were fashioned into beautiful edible snowflakes.

Jumbo fun foam snowflakes were available for everyone to decorate. Purple, blue, pink and white foam giant flakes were turned into treasures by busy hands. The library is fortunate to have an Ellison dye cutter. The children decorated with glitter glue to make perfectly cut snowflakes sparkly.

Old fashion paper folding snowflakes were a big hit.  It is amazing to realize that folding a sheet of paper and some careful cutting with sharp scissors can produce beautiful snowflakes.

We also got out the Q-tips and cut circles.  We cut the Q-tips and glued them in all kinds of designs to create beautiful snowflakes. 

Everyone had a great time making snowflakes so many different ways!

The library has so many wonderful books about snow.  Check out “Some Snow” by Ellen Yeomans, or “Snowflake Bentley” by Jacqueline Martin.

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