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A Reason to Rejoice


By Fannie Miller

Good morning! We woke up to a beautiful winter snow scene outside. So pretty looking from the inside out but not so pretty to travel in. 

I am a young Amish mother of eight; three boys and five girls in varying ages from five years to eighteen years. A busy time of life but also enjoyable. 

A year ago our youngest son Jonathan (age nine) was hit by a work van on his way to school when he ran right in front of it while to cross the road. He saw a dump truck coming and waited to cross until it had passed, not thinking that another vehicle would be behind the truck. As soon as the dump truck passed Jonathan started to run across the road. In the blink of an eye our life changed forever. The side he got hit on (left side) is now weaker with very little feelings. With that said we have been to many therapies and his feeling/movement is coming back slowly. A reason to rejoice.

Jonathan goes to school at Sunny Acres School on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. He dearly loves going to school and it is amazing to see all the things they do for and with special needs children. His school is having their annual benefit auction on March 13 (our first one to attend). It will be held at Heritage Marketplace on Nauvoo Rd. We hope to see you there!


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