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Fires in Huntsburg History


During research in the Geauga Republican Record for the Huntsburg Historical Society Facebook pages, Judi Maloney was able to find several articles concerning fires reported in early Huntsburg history. 

2-8-1905 Geauga Republican Record: “The ladies’ social meets at the church Friday, to sew for Wallace Noble’s children. Oren Barnes and Frank Holmes took a load of young people over to Claridon, Friday night. Mrs. Cary, Mrs. Hoffman and Mrs. Nora Drake had narrow escapes from injury by burning recently. They were building fires in their new tennis flannel night dresses, when suddenly the fur on the cloth ignited, and they were envelope in flames.” 

1-24-1906 Geauga Republican Record: “Joint – While Mrs. E. L. Young was standing with her back to the stove recently, caring for her little one, a spark flew out and her clothing caught fire. She called to her husband, who was at the telephone, to come. He paid no attention to the call. When she called again, he turned and the flames were leaping nearly to her head. With considerable effort he extinguished the fire. Her fingers were burned quite badly, and the back of her outer skirts was entirely consumed. The play, “Too Much of a Good Thing,” will be presented by the Dramatic Club of Joint on Saturday evening, Jan. 27.” 

12-6-1922 Geauga Republican Record: “Saturday afternoon about 4 o’clock the alarm was given that Mike Zrolka’s barn was on fire at his farm west of the Center. The fire spread rapidly, and the barn was soon completely enveloped in flames. Neither Mr. Zrolka or his partner, Lou Kiddon, were at home. A cow was rescued from the barn, and a small quantity of corn. The men had a sale recently, but there was hay in the barn, and some machinery. After the barn was consumed the silo stood, but the flames began to shoot from the top of it and it finally fell. The granary was saved by the heroic help of neighbors. About $500 insurance was carried on the building and contents. There are several stories afloat as to the origin of the fire.” 

12-22-1926 Geauga Republican Record: “Flames Destroy Huntsburg Home. Neighbors of John Yoder Save Furniture, Food Supplies on Lower Floors. The house of the Joe Yoder farm, known as the Connie McClintock farm, was burned to the ground Saturday. By the time help arrived the upper part of the house was ablaze. Most of the household goods on the first floor and the fruit and potatoes in the cellar were saved. Mr. Yoder and family are occupying rooms across the street on the old Stone farm.”


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