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Geauga Centenarian Tree Dedication

Geauga Centenarian Gail Zdolsek, age 104, and Dept. on Aging Director Jessica Boalt assisted with the unveiling of the new Centenarian Tree at the dedication ceremony on Feb. 13 on the second floor of the Courthouse Building in Chardon. (MP Photo/Colleen Lockhart)

By Colleen Lockhart

Out of 54 names on the Centenarian Tree, Middlefield resident Ann Youshak was officially named the oldest Centenarian in Geauga County at the age of 106 years. This was verified at the dedication of the Geauga County Centenarian Tree on Feb. 13 on the second floor of the Probate Court in the Courthouse Annex in Chardon.

The ceremony was opened by Judge Grendell, who said that Geauga County is a great place to live and that we have more people living longer in our County. He thanked Department on Aging Director, Jessica Boalt, for her assistance gathering information for the dedication.

Judge Grendell read the Certificate of Dedication to an audience of Geauga’s Centenarians and their families, as well as Court staff and others. 

The Certificate of Dedication reads: “The Geauga County Centenarian Tree is hereby dedicated to Geauga County residents, past and present, who have lived 100 years, full of experiences and achievements. The wealth of knowledge and wisdom accumulated over the course of this period of time makes Centenarians, Geauga County’s most treasured citizens. 

As an inspiration to Geauga residents and in honor of our elders, the name of each Centenarian known to the Geauga County Department on Aging and Geauga County Probate Court is displayed on a stunning copper/bronze plated Maple leaf, with large Maple leaf reserved for a super Centenarian who lives to experience 110 years.

The Geauga County Probate Court, as part of its mission to serve seniors and families, is proud to honor the lives of Centenarians in Geauga County by dedicating the Geauga County Centenarian Tree to their families and to the residents of Geauga County, as an inspiration for generations to come.”

The tree was unveiled by Judge Grendell and Anthony Roman, age 100, along with Director Boalt and Gail Zdolsek, age 104. 

If you are a Geauga Centenarian or know of someone to add to the tree, please contact Cheryl Konclear at 440-279-1840.=

Geauga Centenarian Anthony Roman, age 100, and Judge Grendell assist with the unveiling of the new Centenarian Tree housed on the second floor of the Courthouse Building in Chardon (MP Photo/Colleen Lockhart)


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