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By Ellie Behman

While looking through old picture albums one evening I was reminded of the fun we had raising our family. Ron, on the other hand, continues to tease me saying none of the pictures are in order. We will see one of our children playing in the yard at about the age of 6 and the next one may show him/her at their graduation or wedding.  

Wait a minute, Mister! At least I took the pictures or we wouldn’t have these wonderful events to talk about. Years back we used my old Kodak camera and then came the Polaroid. Minutes after the picture was taken it was developed and the next shot was ready. This camera made sense as it was hard to keep everyone still for the length of time it took to do the job.  

Then we thought taking home movies might be fun. Well we ended up with several reels but misplaced others during a move. I found enough on them to make a DVD. The funny thing about this was that the movie was as confusing as my picture albums. One scene showed us on vacation in Canada and in the next one was of the kids riding their bikes in the driveway, then it shifted back to our vacation. Nothing in order, but my point is the footage we did resurrect was enough to touch our hearts. It brings back the years in a flash, and the plus was we were able to enjoy seeing our children playing games with each other and having fun once again. I have to admit I wasn’t totally thrilled looking at myself. It was like watching someone else’s family. Were we ever that young and energetic? What was I thinking with that hairdo?  

One evening Ron and I sat down to watch another video my son-in-law Mike put together when he, our daughter and grandsons came down to the cabin several times. It was so good to relive those special moments in our lives. The kids running around, the guys getting ready for hunting the next morning and the gals heading for the cabin to prepare the evening meal.  The cabin was surrounded by lush green leafed trees and the bluest sky ever.

The music Mike added to the video made it even more beautiful. The first song began with John Denver singing, “Almost heaven West Virginia, Blue Ridge Mountains . . . “Totally appropriate selection as the floodgates opened and the tears began to flow.

Grandpa taught the boys how to shoot a bow and arrow, took them riding on the ATV and they spent many hours exploring the woods and floating their little boats in the creek. We couldn’t ask for a better reminder of how blessed we are.

While my video had nothing in order, Mike’s was great, except for that little itty-bitty piece of footage he took of me.  I stared at myself and said once again, “What was I thinking with that hairdo?” I guess some things never change.


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