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A Message from the Mayor


By Ben Garlich

Recently, I took an investigative drive around our Village looking at the elements that need attention and the new projects currently in progression. We are in the process of adding an addition to our sewer treatment facility building to make sludge removal more efficient. While on Tare Creek, I viewed the site where the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) will be building their new facility this year. After observing the location where McDonald’s will be building this summer, I drove to the site preparation for the addition to the US Bank building on South Springdale. Touring Woodsong, I saw newly constructed homes and those under construction. Then next, I went to 528 where Green Leaf is still completing their facility and observed the progress that Chem Tech is making on their third expansion of their second plant.

This week, at the adjacent property, we will meet with a new manufacturer to discuss constructing a new facility on this industrial-zoned land. My final stop was on Industrial Drive, where I viewed the building expansion well under way by Poly-Chem Dispersions.

Last week, we had meaningful conversations to help facilitate a new tenant occupying the old Tractor Supply space.  Hartville Hardware recently purchased the lumber and hardware portion of Centerra’s Middlefield location, and I enjoyed a very positive conversation with the owner. I was thinking how blessed we are to have so many companies and individuals investing in our community.  I repeat, it is beginning to feel like the economic environment we enjoyed in the 90s. Our citizens are feeling confident about their futures and public confidence is so critical to business expansion.

As I was driving down Industrial Drive to observe the progress on the Poly-Chem expansion, I drove past the original Kraft Maid facility which triggered many memories. Sadly, I heard that their founder Richard Moody just died. I remember when Richard Moody came to our council meeting with his plan to build a cabinet factory here, which he had started in his garage. I was new on council, and we were we all invited to their press conference opening. I remember his comments that day; he was appreciative for Chase Bank, the strong labor force here and the cooperation of the Village. He received a tax abatement which we offered as incentive. I hear people talking about the evils of tax abatement, but who would have imagined when this facility was established, it would grow into its current size, employing and improving the lives of thousands of people in our area, not to mention the financial benefit it provided not only to their employees, but to our schools, local businesses and our Village. I admire Richard Moody for the contribution he made to the area and society. Stories like these are the reason we developed the slogans for our Village, “Middlefield Means Business” “Where Families Grow Strong.”  

Be informed, be involved, respect your neighbors, shop Middlefield and visit


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