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Spring is Just Around the Corner; or Not


By: Joe Novak

Spring in Ohio is a weather lottery; we never know what we are going to get or when. As of Feb. 17, it was much too cold for the sap to run but the week of the 24th looks promising.

I always like to get a jump on my lawn care and missing the 60 degree pre-emergent crabgrass preventer application can be frustrating if my lawn is too wet to work. I like the triple action product available from an Ohio manufacturer that prevents crabgrass, kills weeds and fertilizes at the same time; one application and I am done with phase one.  

I hope Team Novak is ready and willing to work this year. Grooming those boys to take on more of my yard work is my plan. The cycle of life will be played out in real time. I will get older and a bit frailer as they grow older and stronger. If their enthusiasm to learn and earn money continues, it will work out for all, especially this aging body.

I am making some changes this year, transitioning my garden to straw bale planting. The straw bales have been sitting in place since last fall and soon I will start to condition them with high nitrogen fertilizer; this will start the breakdown process that will then feed the plants. I am starting with five bales and time and success rate will determine if I expand this method next year. One huge advantage is you don’t need to bend over or get on your knees. I am testing the theory with the belief that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

There is a Deacon at my church who always shares the bounty of his large garden with the parishioners so I am not planting vegetables that he normally grows. No reason not to take advantage of his generosity and diversify what I grow.

I still need to finish up my garden tractor that I purchased to pull my spreader and lawn roller. My zero turn is not conducive for pulling lawn implements but this Simplicity hydrostatic drive should work well. It was inexpensive and they were built like tanks. Hopefully it works out!

There are several other projects I hope to tackle this summer though I am not yet sure in which order I will be attempting them; my mood and energy level will be the deciding factor. Hitting the ground running at 5 am is a thing of the past while stumbling out to meet the day is more my style. “You don’t stop being active because you grow old, you grow old because you stopped being active.” ~ Author unknown.

Joe Joke: A man runs into the flower shop and says, “I need a bouquet of flowers for my wife right away but I don’t know what kind.”

“Let me help,” said the Florist. “Just exactly what have you done?”    


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