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Truly An Honor

Participants pose for a group photo with Geauga County Juvenile Court Judge Tim Grendell (far right) during a ribbon cutting ceremony for the Scout Honor Wall. (MP Photo/Scouts. 

Geauga County Juvenile Court Judge Tim Grendell generally deals with the unpleasant side of youth in our County. He wanted a place to recognize the successes of Geauga youth, and what better place to look, than the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts highest achievers. “This Scout Honor Wall has a dual purpose, to be a recognition for those who have attained this highest success, but also as a reminder for younger individuals who walk these steps, of what can be achieved, if given the right direction,” said, Judge Grendell.  Known for his innovative sentencing, Judge Tim Grendell has even ordered some youth into the Scouts program to help get them back on track.

The Scout Honor Wall recognizes all of Geauga County’s Eagle Scouts and Girl Scouts Gold Award recipients. Currently the Eagle Scouts Wall holds 526 names with Eagles dating back to 1944 from the first troop in Geauga County, Troop 93 out of Pilgrim Christian Church located in Chardon. 

The Girl Scouts Gold Award recipients are a little more challenging to compile because of the 2007 merger. We are working closely with Fallon Pulley of the Girl Scouts of North East Ohio, who was present at the ribbon cutting. They are working with historical archives to compile a more comprehensive list for the Girl Scouts Gold Award Wall. That wall currently holds 70 names. 

Judge Tim Grendell designated a Juvenile Court Deputy Clerk, who is an Eagle Scout himself, to design the wall. Deputy Clerk, John Kneier started this project as an intern, along with his Eagle Scout brother, Sebastian Hornsby, and Girl Scout Gold Award recipient, Emily Cronin. This is truly an example of what can be achieved with Scouting.


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