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April is Financial Literacy Month


A true story by Joe Novak

A dictionary describes an action without forethought as “Impulsive” while “forethought” means careful consideration of what may likely happen. 

Has America become so impulsive, acting without forethought, that it will lead to our eventual demise? The Covid19 Virus has people doing irrational things under the guise of self-preservation. Running to the store to purchase half a dozen giant packs (42 roles each or more) of toilet paper is ludicrous since the average adult uses less than one roll per week. The Covid19 virus is not gastral intestinal so even if you contract the virus you are unlikely to use more TP than you ordinarily would. Some people’s legacy will be that they died with a basement full of toilet paper; however, they still died 

Many people have not saved for “a rainy day” believing that living for today beats saving for their future. The crash of 2008 has taught us nothing and this crisis too will pass but not without its casualties. The problem is that once again the American tax payer is going to foot the bill for those who were financially careless. Depending on how long our economy is on standstill will be the deciding factor of how many go deeper in debt or homeless.

You need to start thinking about your circumstances and start cutting back now. If you are laid off, start cancelling anything that does not have a large cancellation fee, especially if it is not a dire necessity. Don’t wait till they cut you off for non-payment. If it has a large cancellation fee, see if you can put a vacation hold on it.

Contact charitable agencies and see what you can get to help you out temporarily. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help; it may be the difference to keep you solvent.

Many places are hiring additional staff to fill various positions, so go find work and apply for benefits and food stamps; every little bit helps. This may be a great time to teach your children what sacrificing for the good of the family really means. Time to get rid of the unlimited data plans.

When this all blows over and restaurants and schools resume operations don’t forget to be generous to service workers whose bills piled up during the shutdown. Tip generously my friends; you can’t take it with you but God will make a note of your kindness!


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