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Cookie Donations for First Responders


With our current “Shelter at Home” situation Middlefield Girl Scout Troop 70911 has been facing their own set of challenges. The shutdown occurred after the troop had acquired the hundreds of boxes of cookies that they would normally use for their Girl Scout Cookie Booths. 
However, we know that Girl Scouts are resourceful! The girls have taken to social media and other means to sell their cookies, still abiding by our lockdown rules.
One of their great success stories is by offering the ability for people to purchase cookies for donation to our first responders. Once cookies are electrically purchased,  the girls (with parents help) will arrange to safely drop off the purchased donations LOCALLY.
To date the girls have delivered to local fire departments, Briar Hill Nursing Home, UH Geauga Hospital, and Hillcrest Hospital. If you would like to purchase or donate cookies please call 440-749-1518.


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