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Photo: In response to the Department on Aging Facebook request for Art & Letters from the Heart community partnership, Jennifer Sullivan created the bunny spring potted plants that were delivered to seniors with food pantry boxes. (MP Photo/GDA)

By Colleen Lockhart

The Geauga County Department on Aging (GDA) is asking local students to create some uplifting artwork, cards or letters to bring a little sunshine to our seniors and drop them off in the box in their lobby or mail to 470 Center St., Building #2, Chardon OH 44024. GDA is distributing (or share digitally) the artwork to local Geauga County nursing homes, assisted livings and homebound seniors. Recently, Kelly Misch, Communications Director at Chardon Schools contacted the schools in Geauga County to let them know about the GDA Art & Letters from the Heart community partnership. They have had over 80 submissions so far from students and parents. See Chardon Hilltopper Facebook.

Berkshire art teacher Amy Alvord responded to these projects, saying “As a way of kicking off our online learning I thought it would be a wonderful idea to spread a message of hope to our community.  I wanted the students to see that artwork can be very meaningful and inspiring. Before we were given the stay at home orders, students in one of my high school classes were already starting a project discussing communicating a message through artwork. When schools were closed, we left our projects at school. At that time, I posted this as my first assignment for grades 8 – 12 to work on at home. They had one week to complete the assignment and then I compiled a Slideshow to share with all the classes, our district, the Department on Aging, the project for UH Medical, Burton Police, the village of Burton, and some local nursing homes. I loved how the students took this project and ran with it – it was a beautiful way of expressing themselves as artists in a real-life situation.” Alvord’s husband is a firefighter/paramedic in Euclid. The slideshow can be viewed on Berkshire High School Facebook.

Please continue to create and send your artwork. All donations are finding homes.The GDA thanks you for all your care and kindness extended to the older adults in Geauga County, and for making others feel special with your amazing gifts.


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