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Crayon Aficionados of All Ages Showcase Coloring Skills

1st Place - Ages 16 & Up Lori Gingerich of Huntsburg Age 16
1st Place – Ages 11 to 15
Rebecca Miller of Huntsburg
Age 15

    Regardless of the challenges we currently face there are so many little things that are just waiting for us to pause and take notice. We don’t notice these things not because we don’t care; our attention is drawn to solving problems, handling emergencies, fixing the house, transportation issues, getting the kids ready for school, only to name a few. It is paramount we make time to enjoy the life we work so hard to maintain. The Easter Egg Coloring Contest reminded my wife and I of the existance of those wonderful little things. It also provided an opportunity to relax and enjoy the task at hand.

       With well over 150 entries it would seem as though we had a daunting job ahead of us. After all, opening each and every one would take a good amount of time on it’s own but we needed to also be cognitive of the contents so as not to damage the artwork. It forced us to slow down, ultimately providing an evening of laughs and absolute adorableness. It provided us a chance to notice the little things. There were several envelopes that had soft pencil lines with handwritten addresses riding perfectly on them, for example. It reminded us of our own formitable years and I must say the children should get a well deserved A for exemplary handwriting skills. 

     There were gold envelopes, glitter envelopes, envelopes with each letter on them written in a differenct color, and even envelopes overcome with sticker madness! 

     The coloring contest brought crayon aficionados ranging from five to seventy-two and each and every one was done with care.

One entry had a note apologizing for cutting the page out wrong. I say to them this isn’t a “cutting contest” so worry not! Another entry had a thank you note for giving their family an opportunity to sit around the table and do something together.  Others had smiley faces! Can’t go wrong there.

      After placing the last empty envelope on the stack we began sorting by age groups;  3-6, 7-10, 11-15, and 16 & up. Saving the best for last we began the judging process by going through the groups and picking out our favorites. We took our favorites and  narrowed down our top three for each age group. Finally, we picked the first place winner out of the three. First place in each category wins a $25 Gift Certificate to Walmart, second and third place will receive a certificate in the mail commending them on placing. Those that did not place should not be discouraged. There will always be more opportunities to showcase your skills.

      Thank you again to all that entered. Judging was extremely difficult but we had a wonderful time looking at all of the beautiful color schemes. 


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