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WWJD 229 Life and Covid19


By Joe Novak

          Looks like N E Ohio is not going to have an early spring; this is not great for gardeners like me since I will be stuck in the house during this pandemic.

    I pray that the pandemic fizzles out sooner than later and that life as we knew it returns; but not completely as we knew it! Some people have predicted flying cars in this decade, yet we just now learned how to wash our hands. For those who thought they could not live without sports; bet you survived without fantasy teams or whatever they were called, and March madness now refers to toilet paper hoarders not Round Ball.

      Movie “stars” became as relevant as discarded surgical gloves and OMG; some people actually started praying again; I have never seen so many prayers posted on Facebook; is it possible God has been rediscovered?  In the Army we had a saying; there are no atheists in fox holes!  

When this does blow over and it will, will we be a kinder, gentler nation than B-4?  Possibly for a little while but “man” suffers from a short memory and a propensity for greed, immorality and selfishness. My case in point is all the Covid19 scams for cures and medical supplies. Our esteemed politicians jumped on this crisis passing a huge stimulus bill that funded their agendas, their political party and their friends more than it will American’s in need; despicable at best!  

     Some on the other hand will be truly changed by this and their kindness and generosity will abound restoring confidence in mankind! For those who had little confidence in capitalism; the store shelves for the most part have been restocked! This is America and we overcome the hardest of times; the naysayers will always find a reason to disparage this great country, always viewing the glass as half empty and never refillable. 

     In future articles I will continue to write about the benefits of living in these great United States, reminding all of us that we should do for our country instead of looking at what this country can do for us! 

In many countries “stay at home” is not because of a virus but because your life is at risk every time you venture out. Millions of people try to cross into our country to escape the hellish conditions they live in; I don’t however see anyone flocking to those countries from the USA.


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