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Granny’s Kids 4H Club April Report


By: Lily Shott, age 13, Granny’s Kids Reporter

Due to Coronavirus, all in-person 4H club meetings have been cancelled currently until early July. Nonetheless, Granny’s Kids 4H club has still remained in contact with one another over an app: Zoom. This app gives everybody the opportunity to share their projects and questions amongst the club members. Having these online meetings during the pandemic still has its benefits as a regular club meeting. Although it’s difficult not seeing the faces of everybody in-person during club meets, we now get to see each other virtually and even show fellow club members our animals all at the same time! We are learning the importance of staying home and using simple apps to keep in touch with everybody so we can still proceed to do our projects. In this week’s meeting we got to talk about new business such as project books and poultry being ordered, market goat tagging, King and Queen applications and Quality Assurance. The club had made some decisions led by our President, Rebecca in order to pass or fail.  The next meeting will be virtual again and will be  held on May 24, 2020.


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