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Berkshire Students Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Earth Day


As a way to remain environmentally engaged and learning valuable science hands-on skills, Berkshire Science students were encouraged to celebrate Earth Week and the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. Several student assignments and activities took place. Students in Mrs. Ritt’s Environmental Science courses participated in a Nature photo contest. The two winners included an image of a Red Tailed Hawk and baby birds. In addition, Mr. Keller’s Biology classes participated in an outdoor clean-up to help spruce up the community and remove errant debris and trash to improve the neighborhoods. Mrs. Maske’s Chemistry students even researched ways to fight climate change on manure digesters and capturing carbon and made infographics on their findings. Berkshire students were readily engaged in the celebration of Earth Day’s 50thanniversary, and participated in activities that are certain to keep them environmentally focused for years to come.


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