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Congratulations, Nature Writing Contest Winners!


Please join us in congratulating the following winners of our 25th Annual Nature Writing Contest! You can also read their winning works below, and come hear them read in person and pick up a free winner’s chapbook of them all nicely published on Sunday, August 2, at 3 p.m. during the 29th Annual Nature Arts Festival.

Adult Poetry
1st – Halle Blados, “A Corvidae Contest”
2nd – Christina Mihalic, “A Bird in the Hand”
3rd – Ben Fekete, “Sufferfest”
Honorable Mention – 

Sarah Marcus-Donnelly, “Revival, Revival”
Honorable Mention – 

Laura Reed, “Full Eclosure” 

Adult Prose
1st – Kevin Louis Schaner, 

“Nature Is Essential”
2nd – Lori Vaught, 

“Township Creek Number 3”
3rd – Christie French, 

“The Perennial Season”
Honorable Mention – Mary C. Ryan,

 “The Argument”
Honorable Mention – Andrew France,
 “A Morning in the Mountains” 

Adolescent Poetry
1st – Elise Tibert, “Dusky Dream”
2nd – Meghan Bhanoo, “Wash Me Clean”
3rd – Maya Taylor, “The Electric Storm”
Honorable Mention – 

Noelle Rudersdorf, “The Year”
Honorable Mention – Amber Zeiler,

 “A Heart Is Where the Horse Is” 

Adolescent Prose
1st – Samyuktha Iyer, 

“Lightning on the Tapestry of Brilliant Twilight”
2nd – Qiwen Wu, “A Flash”
3rd – Abby Gemech, “A Seed of Hope”
Honorable Mention – Serena Nouraldin, “The Oncoming Storm”
Honorable Mention – Justin Phillips, “Seasons” 

Child Poetry
1st – Isabelle Armstrong, “Animal Homes”
2nd – Natalie George, “Water”
3rd – Sienna Taylor, “The Great Outdoors”
Honorable Mention – Lena Wright, 

“Walk Among the Trees”
Honorable Mention – Jack Penny,
“Spring (Haiku)” 

Child Prose
1st – Chloe Murphy, “Garden Friends”
2nd – Colby Sapp, “The Outdoors and me”
3rd – Audrey Ronayne, “Whirlwind”
Honorable Mention – Ophelia Silvia, 

“The Bird Race”
Honorable Mention – Michael Zhu, 

“A Strange Day” 


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