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Creative Gifts for Fathers


By Colleen Lockhart

The most memorable Father›s Day gifts are handmade, especially when they’re made by the special little people who made him a parent in the first place. With all the practice on projects and crafts during the stay at home rules, these gifts should be easy to make. Read through the instructions so you have all the supplies before you start. Younger children, please ask an adult to help.

Rock Paper Weights 

Painting rocks is fun. Search for the perfect size and shaped rock for a paperweight for Dad’s desk. Rinse and dry. Cover your work area. Use paint pens or magic markers. For acrylic paint, use a small tip brush. Get creative with your design. Let it dry. Seal with spray sealer. Make several for the flower garden! Add your name and date to the bottom if you like.   

Father’s Day Coupons 

Offer Dad a free car wash, lawn mowing, breakfast, weeding the garden, day of fishing, camp out and much more using your own designs. This project can be completed using construction paper, copy paper, or other craft paper. Create designs with Dad’s favorite sport or hobby using markers in Dad’s favorite colors. Sign your name on each coupon. Finish as a booklet fastened with staples or yarn.

Clear Plastic Cup Lantern

For camping or nightlight, make flameless lanterns. Apply decoupage to outside only of a clear plastic cup using 1” paint brush or craft foam brush. Have printed or colored tissue paper or single layer decorative napkins already cut into shapes and sizes. Quickly apply paper to outside of cup. Let it dry. Punch 2 holes at top of cup and tie twine to hold as lantern. Insert flameless tea light or flameless candle.

These can also be luminaries, just leave off the handle.

Father’s Day Card

Don’t forget a handmade, personalized card with drawings, stickers, glitter, and a special message inside to let Dad know how much you appreciate everything he does. 


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