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Common Sense 101


By Ellie Behman

Wouldn’t it be great if schools offered a mandatory class titled “Common Sense 101”?  I wonder if the students would flock through the doors just out of curiosity or how many would feel it might be a  for an easy good grade?  In the back of their minds they may think “wow, this class will be a pushover.”

Well, many will fail and some may pass, but the important thing to remember is that this subject is probably one of the most difficult ones to address.  Even the most extraordinarily intelligent people of this world fail to possess every day common sense.

I’m not sure if this topic could realistically be taught in a classroom, but I do know that it is a vital ingredient we all need if we are going to make it through life.  I realize my thoughts on this class are hypothetical and somewhat unrealistic but I do believe that it’s a subject few people have  given thought to.

We are living in an age of computers, space travel, medical breakthroughs and more technical knowledge than I thought possible in my lifetime.  Our children and grandchildren have the opportunity to be anything they want to be;  education is at their finger tips and even if they wanted to land on the moon, it’s very possible in the near future.

 Common sense however is something that most of us learn by example either by our parents or other family member that raise us, not by taking a  course in school.  We are, or should be, taught certain values in the home so that when we go out into the world, we will be better equipped to ward off temptations, make sound decisions and feel good about not giving in to the demands of the secular world.

 Oh certainly there are times when we will stand alone with our views, but that only makes us more intent on travelling on the right path.  We are constantly surrounded by comments such as “anything goes“, “times have changed” or “life is short so do whatever makes you feel good.”  This way of thinking is tempting and somewhat justifying.  However, ignoring these comments will make a person with common sense much stronger and wiser than the one without.

 When a sound family background has filled a child with morals and Christian values, they have a little warning signal thast goes off at these moments of temptation and they have the common sense to walk away.   I often thought my parents could have held classes as they knew the benefits of hard work, faith, honesty and integrity and could pass it on as they did to me.  They came to the United States from Czechoslovakia nearly 100 yrs. ago.   They learned the language, received their citizenship, raised our family to be God fearing people and to treat others respectfully.  I think the title of that class should be “COMMON SENSE;  YOU CAN’T  GRADUATE WITHOUT IT.”    


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