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By Joe Novak

I don’t generally write about sex, politics or religion since my wife says I don’t know enough about any of these subjects to be effective. I do however write about life in America often recalling things from my past, present and sometimes look into my future.

I have always been unique or as my friends would say; he’s a bit “different”. I don’t often follow the crowd, I say what is on my mind and I like to think “outside the proverbial box”; this is where the problems start. In today’s society, people are expected to think alike or you may be considered a trouble maker, labeled many things; as an example.

I was born white into a two parent family which now makes me “Privileged”, like it or not.

I am a fiscal and moral conservative who earned his own way and I plan, budget and always held a job; this makes me a fascist. 

I went to college and earned a 2 year degree, started a business from the ground up, so now I am “Advantaged”.

I am a heterosexual so that must make me a homophobe even though I never discriminated against gays nor do I care if you’re gay.

I could go on and list another dozen things I aspire to but that would get me labeled; boring!

This country we live in rose to greatness because of free thinkers and people who dared to try something different not following the status quo. Untold numbers of immigrants came here to build a better life bringing along ideas that made them wealthy and contributed to our greatness as a nation of individuals. 

We went to the moon because we believed we could, not because it was easy. We defeated the Nazis and Japan in WWII because we developed weapons previously unheard of. Instead of plundering their resources we helped them rebuild into word class economies that compete with us on a daily basis. 

The same people who claim our President is destroying our country are actually destroying our country by rioting, burning and looting and demanding that we “respect” them for their criminal acts…go figure!

Looking into my future; do I see a country headed for another civil war or do I see a country that will continue on the path of greatness in spite of those who would like to destroy her from within? One thing for certain; we will never be the same as we were just 6 months ago. Is it true that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? 

I know two things for certain; if you keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results; you are not the brightest bulb on the tree. If you fear for your countries future, you must vote or keep silent, you had your opportunity and you blew it!

A survivor of a Nazi concentration camp said this; When they came for the Jews, I was not concerned, when they came for the religious, I was not concerned, when they came and burned our books, I was not concerned; Then they came for me and it was too late to voice my concerns. 

Copyright © Joe Novak 6/17/20   


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