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Memories of Madison Road


By Freeman Miller

June 4, 2020 

I saw in the Middlefield Post about writer columns and I also like to make a few turkey tracks, so here goes.  June 4th our oldest Daughter will be 50 years old.  Happy birthday to her, she lives in Mumfordville, KY.  Does this make us look older?  Yep.  Both of us are 72 years old (young).  Why I remember when I was in the 1st grade and 6 years old.  Boy, lots of water ran down the river since then.  This was in the early 50’s and we lived on 528 across from Peters Road.  At that time, 528 (Madison Road) wasn’t even paved yet; not much traffic and open land.  Now look at the Highway 528 traffic and the land up in lots and building here and there.  And I’m still here and can see and write about it.  Isn’t it wonderful that I still have the health to come and go and I do work some on a dairy farm out in North Bloomfield, Ohio.   But, it is not like it used to be, this old 47 model has slowed down quite a bit.  Some times its stop and rest.  Well, this is it for my first letter.  God Bless.


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