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Create Your Safe Haven


By Colleen Lockhart

Shannon Hill started creating a safe haven for her family by using Norwex products several years ago and was impressed on how quickly she could clean her home with just water and Norwex cleaning products. In May 2018 she become a consultant, to help others reduce the chemicals in their homes to create their own safe haven as she had.

Norwex was founded more than 25 years ago in Norway and since then has been helping people globally to radically reduce harmful chemicals in household cleaning and personal care products so that homes everywhere are safer, happier and healthier for the families who live in them. 

As a Norwex consultant, Shannon sells a safe and sustainable microfiber window cloth that gets windows, mirrors, and more sparkling clean with only water. She now offers reusable face masks, sold individually, made from Norwex microfiber. 

Norwex products maximize the use of plant-based ingredients and enzyme-based technology to provide better, safer alternatives to traditional, chemical-based-cleaners. They advocate for stronger and stricter laws worldwide regarding chemicals, testing them for safety before consumers use them, building awareness about the use of plastic and the dangers of plastic in the environment, and evaluating personal impact on the environment to determine ways to reduce carbon footprints on the planet.

Shannon, her husband, Brian, and their family live in Geauga County. Brian owns Alpive Consulting, their daughter is a nurse at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital and their son attends Cardinal Middle School where Shannon serves on the PTO and is an Account Executive for the Fontanelle Group.

Call Shannon at 440-547-6868 to schedule an in-home or online party, or to request a catalog. Norwex offers amazing hostess rewards. Learn more about the cleaning and personal care products at www.shannonhill.norwex.biz.


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