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In Memory of Donna Bizjak Lead Graphic Designer – Middlefield Post


The Fontanelle Group is a family first organization. Each one of us who work within this organization are not just employees, we are extended family members. The passing of Donna has left a huge hole in the family. Her calm nature, willingness to give her all to anything that needed to be accomplished will be impossible shoes to fill. She was a brilliant graphic designer, her work and attention to detail was exceptional. Donna was also an outstanding caricature artist and I will cherish the one she did for me as a birthday present a few years ago. It has very special meaning and will always hang on the wall in my office. We all miss you Donna.” Barbara J Fontanelle – Owner

“When I assumed the editor role last July I had the opportunity to work closely with Donna. At that time her role was still defined; graphic designer extraordinaire. As weeks turned to months Donna started taking on more. We needed additional photographers for a yearly project and Donna raised her hand. I needed assistance laying out the Middlefield Post and Donna raised her hand. She would frequently say “well, it needs done doesn’t it?”  There were many times when I thought a rough deadline or heavily detailed project would put her calm, collective, demeanor to the test but I never saw Donna lose her cool. As a matter of fact, Donna had a way of making sure I didn’t lose mine.”  Darrin J. Cook – Editor

“Although I was not Donna’s best friend and I was not part of her family that meant the world to her I was the one sitting next to her in our office, the one she spoke out loud to and checked ideas and thoughts with.  The one that laughed with her over silly work things and commiserated over bad things.  The one that talked food with her; the pea salad that Frank ended up eating all of and the chicken schnitzel she made for her grandson after work.  The one who listened to her say the day before she died how blessed she was with her family and her life.  Donna was always positive and upbeat. She was dedicated to our company and worked very hard.  We are devastated by her loss. I am truly grateful to have known her and have her touch my life.”  Karen Franklin – Front Office Manager

 “Donna was a one-in-a-million friend. Her talent was incredible and she was always willing to share tips to achieve a desired outcome on an ad or picture.  She was pleasant, professional, and kind . . . and always had a smile no matter how much stress there was.  Her sense of humor kept me laughing! Her talent was impeccable and her creativity unbelievable.  She always talked about her family so lovingly and with so much pride.  She loved them all, and especially her grandchildren.  We are going to miss her greatly; I’m going to miss her immensely. My heart goes out to every member of the family. I’ll always remember her smile, trips down memory lane,  and the laughs we shared.”  Jayne Kracker – Sales

“I only worked with her for a few months, but found Donna to be helpful and down to earth. She was a team player with great ideas. She had wonderful relationships with our customers and was a hard worker that could be depended on. She was an excellent illustrator and talented graphic artist. My heart goes out to her family and friends. She will be sorely missed by everyone fortunate enough to know her.” Leslie Gardner – Sales

“I am thankful that Donna was in my life. She was giving, smart, talented and an amazing asset to the company. She went above and beyond to help co-workers and clients. I and many others will miss her very much.”  Gayle Mantush – Sales

“My heart breaks to lose such a wonderful friend. She impacted my life daily for many years with her commitment, patience, generosity, consideration, wisdom, kindness and talent. There are none like her. Those of us she leaves behind are at such a loss and Heaven has gained a most wonderful person.”  Kim Breyley – Former Editor

My sympathies go out to Donna’s family and I will keep them in prayer.  I lost my sister two weeks ago so I know what the family is going through.”  Ellie Behman – Featured Writer

“Not only was Donna a gifted graphic designer, caricature artist, and book illustrator, she was a kind and gentle individual.”  Colleen Lockhart – Lead Writer

…Forever in our hearts.


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