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Microphone Drama


By Ellie Behman

     Although the incident in this article happened years ago, I thought it would be fun to (hopefully) give the reader a smile or two during this epidemic. 

     Somehow speaking into the microphone becomes extremely intimidating for my husband Ron. I tried to rehearse with him before we got to the drive thru at a fast food restaurant.  As soon as he opened the car window  he began to speak.  “Two sxdairls with mcwoxel.”  I immediately burst into laughter as he tried again, ”two cheese, snawsage. Mcluffins.”  I laughed harder and sat there wiping my tears trying to get control of myself. The good news is we finally got our original order and put a huge smile on the face of the girl who took care of us.  She handed him the food and said “did you have peanut butter this morning? “  He replied “I got my tongue stuck in my ear and just couldn’t get the right words out.”  He took some teasing but we are still married so I guess no damage was done. He is a great sport.

      As for future orders at a drive thru we have a plan.  We’ll either write it down, or record Ron’s voice clearly telling them what we want or I can shout it out from the passenger seat.  In Ron’s defense, those microphones are always garbled anyway.  How can anyone understand them? 

     Someday someone will actually drive away with two sxdairls and mcwoxsls.


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